Monday, August 3, 2009

I am not a sale person!

This 2 days... I had been quite boring days..
1st... really thanks to the company that hire me as Part time sampling promoter... I know my performance sucks but...

Ya... this 2 days I worked as Ice cream promoter.... Well... This is something new to me... because this is my 1st time to be promoter and could be last time...

I saw many kind of people... the one I hate the most is greedy one... Some people, they can take 5 same flavor Ice cream and they still ask for more... I used to tot they will give to their family and then I saw they eat right the way and then throw there... = =

Well... in these 2 days I learn quite many things like how the hyper market work... and other things that I don't know how to say = =

In short, this 2 days... I really ==... and I know I am 100% not in the sale / promoting area... Because I am not that kind of person who feel satisfy about how much I sell but I think I feel more satisfy from other thing like when children say thank you to me... ==

Ya... I am not a sale person... ==

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