Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I hate Cheaters, Swindler, Scammer!!

As titled... I hate cheater!
Especially those cheaters used charity as the way to gain money!
Money is evil, but I like it! But because of money... people find many ways to set up fraud to deceive people!! They used charity, focus on human greedy behavior, and the another one is "uncompleted explanation"...

Used the name of charity is the most dirty way for me... Why these people won't feel ashamed and still can work with the deception racket? They don't have a sense of shame or conscience???

Recently, I met a same so call charity organization... where I met them? Hoho... Cameron Highland KFC then Time Square KFC, after that Kepong KFC, and recently Wangsa Maju LRT there... Just within this two months.... Wow... I have to say they like to hang out at KFC huh? And yes... I went to KFC quite often since they have the Jom Jimat package... But the point is... WHAT? Why they like to hang out at KFC and interrupt people when they are going to enjoy their meal??? I hate the interruption and really piss me off!

In addition, they like no sense of shame, when I refused to make donation... they will keep talking and "begging"... say :" Please lah mister, RM30 for a bag of rice to old folk home, they need yours help" People may think I do not have a heart or cruel... You sit there to enjoy luxurious food and don't want to make some donation to old folk home??? NO! I am NOT... but if I want to help, I would make donation through third party, I would rather go by myself!! Not these... Even we pay them, there is no guaranty that they will hand them to the old folk home! And one of my friends told us, some of these organization, they did make donation to those old folk home, or anywhere needed... but, they only donate some, somemore, for those "fund-raiser"... they have commision for their own... Damn! why we need to pay them money to help us make donation! Sorry, there is no way to convince me to do that!

Because of these charity fraud, I may missed or rejected those real charity people... because I used the extreme way... which rejected all the "fund-raisers" I don't want to be the victim of fraud and encouraged them negatively!!!

I used to be a victim in these charity fraud and "uncompleted explanation" sales skill... When I 1st come to KL... I deceived many times from being a good man... How I know?? Just something like 6th sense... I don't have a proof but I heard a lot of story of these...

If you go to Time Square, when you go to the footbridge you can see a bunce of bastard stand around there and asked you to scratch a paper and then you would get a prize! Easy huh? Then they will ask you to pay some money like register fee or something handling charge... but then... trust me! You would get NOTHING!!! When you scratched and win, the other people, (their "friends") will come over and say :" Wow... congratulation!! This thing hard to get one... blah blah blah...." then they will show you a lot of news paper to try to convince you... BUT after you pay... you know you get nothing!!! Really!!!

I was once saw a Malay girl is on her line to withdraw money to a chinese guy... I wonder why... and then I saw the guy are holding the Scratch card... He tell the girl how lucky she was and the girl look happy... I wonder!!! Didn't those victim read news paper or even watch news????? This stupid trick is outdated but they still go in the trap??? OMG!!!! You deserve to be cheated for your poor of common sense and greedy behavior!!! Yet... hope she just pay small amount and take this as a lesson...

Ok... maybe I overeacted to this issues... because I used to be a victim of charity fraud and the cheating sales skill... I hate the feeling being a fool... and damn... why no one tell me what is happening at that time?? I need some one to scold me stupid rather than people say... Erm... you are kind people... let the gone money be gone!! I don't need this crap, I need people to tell me the truth but not the advise that "Oh.. don't hurt him"....

Anyway... PEACE and cheater go to hell!! v ^o^ v


扬扬 said...

Give me la, i help u pass to the charity home^^
Next month i will go charity house near my place here^^

木头 said...

donate to me la, then i can prepare bbq and eat together

Kash Chong Hong Seng said...

You guys... I have nthg to say but this emoticon =_=|||

xuijuan said...

good arcticle
i support u here~~~
sometime reject them is very cruel
but i also dislike to be a fool
so i have to be cruel ...