Saturday, July 4, 2009

Watch clips and make donation!!

Finished my 1st final - Career Guidance Module II...
Well, I have to say that is pretty easy final as long as we binge the notes and plus a common sense!
But I still not sure I can get a good grade or not... because I wrote a lot of crap... and I believe some are really POINTLESS... But that's what I did... = =

Erm... I don't sure whether you guy watch kevjumba video clip in youtube... because I found some clip of hims are HILARIOUS and SO FREAKING FUNNY!!!
Haha... and his channel is the first channel I had subscribed! Hehe!!
I was once introduced by KeeEng... but I was like "Har... Just a boy who like to talk with his camera wo..." so after I watch 2 clips of him, I was like "Har... what is the point to watch this guys talk?"

But, just few days ago, I am really boring enough to seach any single clip that can accompany me with my dinner... and I suddenly think about him... so I searched kevjumba and watch his clip patiently... and... I finally get his humour... hahaha... maybe I am slow... but he did some funny clips and I really LOL!! Until today, I just watched his latest clip and I will say I watch most of his video already! Haha...

And The reason I subscribe his channel because his latest channel named JumbaFund actually help to collect fund for charity, and I see "Every view... counts toward charity!" Hey, why don't I just simply take sometime to watch these clips and at the same time, I am actually doing charity~ haha... so, decided to subscribe his channel!

So people... if you interested on his clips... just go and watch!!! Your view(s) may counts to charity as well!!! Hehe!!! Well... Maybe he just don't need my recommendation, but I just want to share!! =P

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kinki said...

hahahaha...u so geng can binge all the notes ar...i cannot make it ler..just burn it the mixed with water n drink..hahahaha...